You must complete 2 beneficiary nomination forms…

It is IMPORTANT to formally nominate beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Changes to the laws governing beneficiaries in the Insurance Act 18 of 2017, now means that you must complete two beneficiary nomination forms:
1. Thacsa Beneficiary Nomination Form – this guides the Trustees in the distribution of your death benefit which is 4x annual pensionable salary plus your accumulated Fund Value. Click here to download the form
2. Sanlam Beneficiary Nomination Form – this lists the people who will receive the funeral benefit upon your death. If you do not complete this form your benefit will be paid into your estate and will lead to delays in your family getting the money for your funeral. Click here to download the form

Once you have completed these forms, hand them to your employer or email them to [email protected]

These forms are available from your employer or the website E – Forms | Thacsa