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HR Fast Facts

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HR Fast Facts

Thacsa provides market-leading benefits to workers in the tourism, catering and hospitality sectors.


  • Death benefit 4 x annual pensionable salary
  • Industry-setting death and disability cover
  • Funeral benefits among the highest in the sector
  • Unique 6-month extended cover of death and funeral benefits on resignation, retrenchment, dismissal or retirement

Most common tasks required by HR practitioners:

Getting started

Complete the installation form downloadable from here, the new member entrant form here, the initial monthly billing schedule form, example can be found here, the personal liability form here, the employer portal registration form here and, together with the company registration documents, forward to [email protected]

Once all documents have been received the Fund will issue a certificate confirming your participation, this will include a unique reference number that must be used in all correspondence with the administrator.

The all-important monthly reconciliation

Member and employer contributions must be forwarded to the Momentum, the Fund administrator, by the 7th of the following month.  The schedule, using either the excel spreadsheet available here, or in a similar format as extracted from your payroll system, is due by the 15th of the following month.

It is important to note that the member information on the example are all mandatory fields – cell number, email address etc. This information must be supplied.

Completed schedules should be submitted to [email protected]

The best way to complete the monthly reconciliation

The preferred submitting – and easiest for you – method is the state-of-the-art online Employer Portal linking directly to the Administrator.

In addition to completing the monthly contributions easier, it also gives you direct access to member information and many tasks become simplified – the drawing of up-to-date member benefit statements.

To register for this online service, complete the form here and submit to [email protected]


Taking on a new member

The new member entry form can be downloaded here. Once completed it must be submitted to [email protected] by the 7th day of the next month. The new members details must also be included on the monthly schedule which is due by the 15th of the following month.

A critical element of the take on of a new member

All members must complete the beneficiary nomination form downloadable here. It is advisable for you to keep a copy of this completed form on file as well as submitting to [email protected]

It is extremely important that this document is completed in full – the first page relates to recipients of the death benefits, while the second page covers the funeral benefit. If the funeral benefit section is not completed – also, the nominated person/s must have a South African bank account – this benefit will NOT be paid out timeously and will likely end up as part of the deceased member’s estate and subject to a lengthy winding-up process. Only the person/s nominated in this section can claim the funeral benefit.

Beneficiary nominations can be updated at any time, especially in the event of the birth of a new baby or divorce or other life-stage event.

There are various ways of exiting the Fund

Resignation, retirement, dismissal or retrenchment

The Momentum claim form is available here and must be completed in full by the employer and the member. This form together with a copy of the member’s ID, the member’s personal tax reference number must be submitted to [email protected]

The processing and payment process can take upwards of 8 weeks, as it does include the receipt of a tax directive from the South African Revenue Service.

Disability Claims

It is important to notify Sanlam (the insurer) as soon as possible of a potential claim. Download the disability claim form here.  There is a ticking clock on disability claims and will be repudiated of not received within 6 months of the event.

Scenarios when to submit an employee’s claim:

  • Unlikely to return to work;
  • Is on sick leave for longer than 14 working days;
  • Has returned to work but is unable to perform the duties of their own job and unable to perform any other job;
  • Shows a decrease in productivity due to a medical reason;
  • Has a medical or psychiatric incident and may require hospitalisation, rehabilitation or to be off work for an extended time.

Once the insurer has been notified they will advise if any specific medical assessments or tests are needed.

For a detailed review of the disability process download the Sanlam guide here.

Funeral benefit claims

Thacsa offers among the best funeral benefit in the industry but it’s important to provide all documentation to ensure speedy resolution of any claim. The Sanlam funeral benefit guide is available here.

The Sanlam claim form is available here. It must be completed together with:

  • Remember, the funeral benefit section of the beneficiary nomination form must have been completed previously.
  • Bank statement of the claimant – this must be a South African account;
  • Notification of death – Bi 1663 form;
  • Certified copy of the death certificate;
  • Certified copy of the member’s identity document;
  • Certified copy of the spouse/claimant’s identity document.
  • In the event of an unnatural death, the SAPS report – click here for this form

All the completed documentation must be submitted to [email protected]


Death claims

The Sanlam death benefit claim form can be downloaded here. This completed form together with a copy of the member’s ID, the death certificate and the member’s personal tax reference number must be submitted to [email protected]

In terms of Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act, a full investigation will be conducted to determine who the Board of Trustees should take into consideration in allocating the death benefit.  Once this process has been completed and tax clearance from Sars received, the benefit is paid.


Paid-up members

On exiting the Fund, members also have the option of becoming paid-up members. This means their investment will remain in the Fund continuing to attract investment returns while they decide on their future investment strategy.

Even though the member is not removing their investment from the Fund, the Momentum benefit claim form must be completed – download here – and submitted to [email protected]


Encourage your employees to register on the member portal

Any member using a smartphone or computer has full access to all of their Fund-related information at their fingertips.  Encourage your employees to make use of this facility, as it will also lessen your work burden as members have direct access on their own.  Members can go here to register.