As you prepare for the busy season, we would like to thank you for supporting your employees and Thacsa in various ways. This emailer contains important information. There are a few aspects which require your action for the benefit of your employees.

Benefit statements are on the way
Member benefit statements for the period 1 January to 1 July 2019 are on their way to you. Please ensure these are distributed to the relevant employees. There is an updated member benefit brochure included in the pack.

Once the statements are with the courier, members will be sent an SMS advising them of their imminent arrival.

Please display the poster which accompanies the pack on the employee noticeboard or in a place where your employees can read it.

Insured benefits premiums adjustments and benefit improvements
Group life assurance (death benefit) and the funeral insurance premium have been increased. These are effective from 1 November 2019 and were based on unfavourable claims experience.

Death benefit
Disability benefit
Administration cost
Total monthly deduction
Funeral benefit/month
Current rate

New rate effective 1 Nov ‘19

The medical-free limit for group life assurance has been increased from R8.4-million to R8.9-million, and medical-free disability income increased from R103 950 to R111 250.

Multiply Starter is a no-cost benefit that includes automatic discounts from a wide range of selected partners when using their products or services. These include pharmacy chains, popular retailers, magazines, travel, sports and fitness, entertainment, healthy living and education among others. A more comprehensive list can be found on this website.

Investment returns
Employers and members will find details of the Fund’s investment performance on the website. There is a quarterly as well as monthly report. Click here for the most recent investment returns.

Please update member cell phone records
Please can you ensure that member cell phone records are updated when you submit the monthly returns. Thacsa requires member cell numbers to register for the Multiply Starter benefit.

We need names of management
At the moment our communications are mostly with payroll and human resource staff. Our goal however, is to improve our communications with senior management in member employer companies. To achieve this please can you email or fax the names and contact numbers of the general manager, financial manager, and any other person who may be interested in receiving information from Thacsa, to the Help Desk on [email protected] or 021 449 5882. We promise not to bombard these contacts with unnecessary information.

Share call number now in service
Thacsa has introduced a share-call service to reduce the cost of contacting the Help Desk. All enquiries should go through the 0860 22 22 88 number.

Online portal makes your job so much easier
The Employer Portal is the ideal way to carry out almost all of the administrative functions you are required to do for the Fund. The Portal enables you to update member information, print benefit statements on demand among a whole host of other functionality.
Let’s get rid of paper, enrol today for the Employer Portal. Click here to download the application form, or call the Help Desk on 0860 22 22 88 for more information.